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I understand that all data (which can include programs, photos, letters, music, etc) may be permanently erased from my computers hard disk drive or mass storage device regardless of the reason why the computer and/or mass storage device was admitted to us and therefore indemnify Universal Computing Ltd against any liability relating to total loss of this data. All customers are responsible for backing up any data stored on their product. Some services may require data devices to be reformatted to factory settings resulting in total loss of data from these devices

For warranty claims, I understand that I will be charged a minimum of £15+VAT (inspection fee) if no fault is found with my hardware. Software problems are not covered by our warranty and are charged for at standard labour rates.
For chargeable repairs, I understand an investigation/inspection charge will apply (normally 15+VAT unless otherwise agreed).

This disclaimer must be accepted before we can accept any computer equipment for repair or upgrade even if data backup, recovery or transfer is required.