Domain Services

We manage thousands of Domains for our clients. We don’t simply host the domain names we also provide complete DNS zone management to ensure all your online services remain connected and compliant even with services we don’t manage.


Don’t have a domain?

If you don’t have a domain already, use our free domain checking tool to find and order your perfect domain. We will register and prepare the domain ready for use with our online services.


Already have a domain?

Transferring your domain to us straight forward, we can even manage the changeover from your current provider. For this service we require the control panel login details for your current registrar. You must also ensure that the administrator email address listed for your domain is accurate and accessible as this email address will be used to approve the transfer.

Pricing and billing

To complete the transfer, you’ll pay a one-off transfer fee of £25.00+VAT and you’ll keep the time remaining on your current registration.
For new domain purchases you will be charged £25.00+VAT which includes registration for 1 year and all DNS management.
Your domain will renew at the same price at the end of its registration term.

Transfer requirements

  • Before getting started, ensure your domain is eligible for transfer. If you’re not sure if your domain meets these rules, check with your current registrar.
  • We don’t support registry premium domains.
  • Sixty days must have elapsed since you registered or transferred the domain with your current provider.
  • Your domain must be active with your current provider. If your domain is past due, but not completely expired, ask your provider if it’s eligible for transfer before starting the process.
  • You may have to unlock your domain to transfer it.
  • Your domain’s Whois privacy must be disabled.
  • You’ll need access to a valid domain administrator email address to approve the transfer request.
  • We don’t accept domains with current registration terms longer than 9 years.
  • If your domain doesn’t meet these requirements, we can assist in connecting it to our services using your current registrar.